Cardio or Weight Training for Fat Loss?

Few people have asked me about skipping breakfast and running miles for fat loss, No! Cardio machines are invented to keep the fat loss market going. And it accelerates insulin resistance because of the exposure to dirty electricity. And “runners” tend to get fatter every year. (Skinny fat) as it can burn muscle mass, cardio is not fat burning. High intensity weight training is, like Cave classes 😉, strongman/woman or other group classes but depends where you go and the owner.

If you really want a washboard stomach you gotta be consistent with your food, increase your protein intake “meat ” and lots of it. The more lean mass, the less fat you’ll have. More muscle helps burn fat at rest, more muscle is anti ageing, more muscle = stronger!! Simple.

Research shows people with more muscle live longer. And counting calories in and out is a load of crap! Slimming world “sins” WTF! Don’t get me started on SW. A protein calorie is not the same as a chocolate freddo calorie. Macronutrient ratios will determine hormone response not just counting numbers. It’s due to hormone imbalances why we store fat on certain areas. Have your Bio Print done and we can show you.

Like belly fat is due to lack of sleep, poor sleep and even stress or to much cardio and of course what you put in your mouth. Look at the difference between a long distance runner and a sprinter, who is leaner and stronger ? But running or cardio will not get you a “six pack”, change your breakfast to protein and fats, that alone will shrink your waist within days and lift heavy weights!!! FORM comes first always! What makes us fat is long distance cardio, sugars, gluten wheat like pastas, Bread, cereals ect. If you want a Bio Print reading, ask a Cave Trainer.

Now please don’t cry I’m not saying DON’T run it’s bad for you it’s not! It’s better than someone sitting on a sofa all day doing nothing and if it motivates you to see the outdoors and improve cardio health than yes do it BUT if your main goal is FAT LOSS you don’t need to run for hours a week. Strength train “old skool“ bodybuilding will get you lean far faster.

Push a Prowler that will get you lean in no time. 💪🏼