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At Caveman Training, we have created a raving fan base which has inspired people to make positive, healthy choices in their lives. We are surrounded by highly-skilled, motivated Cave Trainers along with like-minded, uplifting members who share the same passion and vision.

Our brand is renowned for helping a wide range of people to bring out the best version of themselves by empowering their belief systems. Our passion is spreading all over the UK, transforming many lives. The Caveman/woman is reborn!

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Recent Posts

Fibre for Fat Loss

Fat loss strategy – Add Fibre to your diet The brains to your body is your gut, optimal gut health is the key for fat loss and adding lean muscle and fibre is one of the main roles for digestive health. Fibre is part of the detoxification phase in fat loss in getting rid of […]

The ONE thing id advise for Fat loss ?

Body Composition I was asked the other day what , out of all the things it can be , what’s the one change that makes a big difference? It’s the protein and fat breakfast .. The mainstream media or your parents have probably thought you that you should have heaps of carbs for breakfast or […]

Will eating carbs around training make you fat?

Will eating carbs around training make you fat? Simply put …. No But I still stand firmly on this, you need to earn more carbs to add in your diet. I’m not saying don’t have carbs at all because you need them for muscle function and recovery, but you need to create the demand for […]

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