How to Improve Your Sleep

😴 better quality sleep

You’ll need to rule out:

  • Use of Alcohol
  • Excessive refined carb intake
  • Types of anemia like iron B6 B9 B12
  • Excessive aromatization

🐓💦 Not eating enough protein and water intake will affect your sleep.

💊 Suppliment with Magnesium Glycinate after 6pm.

Increase proteins with higher serotonin like:

  • Cottage cheese
  • Swiss cheese
  • Salmon
  • Turkey
  • Duck
  • Mackerel

So you would favour these types of proteins at night / before bed.

🐄 Eat a zero carb breakfast, so Protein and fats.

🥔 Eat carbs around workouts only (if you’re leaner enough) or before bed.

💊 Don’t drink or take pre-workouts after 6pm you’ll be wired still, but this is obvious.

🦇 Sleep in a bat Cave. Make sure ZERO light is in your room, invest in some black blinds to stop ANY light shining though. Even put a pillow at the bottom of your door to stop any light in. Your body picks up any light and will effect you sleep, even the little red standby light on your TV or alarm clock will effect you.

⚫️ Turn everything off in your room.

😡 What if my alarm clock is electric need it to wake up? Well buy a battery one. 🙄

But most people use you iPhone just have it face down.

No TV at least one hour before bed and definitely no Love Island 🙄 what a load of BS.

😡 That’s a bit harsh. No TV before bed ? Well if your really struggling to sleep try it! Your wanting help right?

So The answer is ZERO LIGHT in your room……. ZERO!!

Change your diet – carbs before bed and change proteins and you WILL sleep.

Let me know if your sleep has improved this week.