How Cave Began

Cave founder Adam Pugh was attacked in 2010, while he was out at a friend’s birthday party. He sustained severe facial and knee injuries. He tells the story of how Caveman Training came about during his recovery.

The injuries I sustained that night were so bad I ended up in A&E. Over the coming weeks, the pain in my knee became so bad that I eventually called for an ambulance. I was rushed into emergency surgery with a suspected skin-eating disease and was told I may lose my leg. Four operations, four blood transfusions and three weeks later, I had lost four stone in weight. At one point I lost so much blood they didn’t think I was going to pull through the next operation.

I felt so ill I really didn’t think I would ever get out of hospital. I kept thinking of all the regrets and all the things I wanted to do and say, the opportunities I had missed and didn’t take on, the people I wished I’d helped, the places I wanted to see. My friends helped me a lot, visiting me every day and in the last week my mind and thoughts shifted. I hadn’t realIsed how lucky I was, I was still alive! I still had my leg! I still had a second chance at life and all the things I wanted to do on my regret list, I could now attack.

At the time, I was told that I would not walk properly again or take part in any sports, but by now my mind was on a different level, I knew I could do it, if I could beat this, the rest was easy. I remember standing up for the first time in eight weeks and looking in the mirror at my skinny aged body, wow! I had some work to do.

I attended physiotherapy and I could just about walk to my friend Scott’s house around the corner. He had a few weights in his garage as well as objects like paint tins, hammers, wood, rope, stones and bricks. It felt like a “Cave.“ I began to lift odd objects and as I trained, I noticed my leg was getting stronger and my weight was building back up. Scott and I began to enjoy training like this, we gave it our all for 30 minutes. Pretty quickly everyone was beginning to see the results and my leg strength improved, even my surgeon was shocked at my recovery and how well I was walking.

I kept thinking of all the regrets and all the things I wanted to do and say, the opportunities I had missed and didn’t take on, the people I wished I’d helped, the places I wanted to see.

The Cave was born…

I hired a venue and started advertising classes and they quickly became full. More classes were added and I moved to a bigger location in Fenton, employing two staff to help take the classes. Within three years I had moved again into a larger building, the Cave brand was getting bigger! I wanted to help and inspire others to increase their self-esteem and change their body shape, I knew anything was possible with the right mindset.

I’m a big believer in the theory that you are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with. In growing my Cave business, I found the best in the Fitness industry – Nick Mitchell, Charles Poliquin, Phil Learney and a very inspiring person Jake Morgan from the United States.

I believe if you train with the best, you are the best and I try to pass on my knowledge and experience to the Cave team. We are now the largest fitness group in the UK.

The rest is history.

How Cave Began
  • NASM – National Academy of Sports Medicine PT
  • Personal Trainer Fitness First 5 years
  • Personal Trainer Co-Oredater 1 year
  • Fitness Manager Fitness First 4 years

Got injured 2000

Created Caveman Training to rebuild from a life threatening injury 2000-01

  • PICP Level 1 – Poliquin International Certification Program
  • PICP Level 2 – Poliquin International Certification Program
  • Arm Day – UP Fitness Mayfair
  • BioSignature 1 – Charles Poliquin
  • Training the Combat athlete – Poliquin Group
  • Estrogen Management – Poliquin Group 
  • Private training with Charles Poliquin 12 weeks 
  • BioSignature 2 – Poliquin Group 
  • Hypertrophy 5 Day Bootcamp Southampton – Charles Poliquin
  • Phil Learney Fat loss Seminar 
  • Phil Learney hypertrophy Seminar  
  • First Transformation with Phil Learney 
  • BioPrint – Marbella – Charles Poliquin
  • Kinetic Chain – Shoulders & Arms – Charles Poliquin 
  • Metabolic Analytics Module 1- Charles Poliquin
  • Program Design – Advanced – Charles Poliquin
  • Kinetic Chain – Shoulder and Arms – Charles Poliquin
  • Kinetic Chain – Squat and Deadlift – Charles Poliquin
  • Kinetic Chain – Pressing and Chin-ups – Charles Poliquin
  • Hypertrophy 5 Day Bootcamp Manchester – Charles Poliquin
  • Private Training Milos Sarcev 4 weeks
  • Milos Sarcev 3 day Hypertrophy Camp
  • Private Training Dorain Yates Leg day / Back day
  • Tom Platz Leg Day seminar
  • Peter Sage 3 day Business School
  • Advanced Program Design Los Angeles – Charles Poliquin