The Close of Manchester Cave… For Now

Not many people would admit their struggles or failures with business on social. All over social media they come across fake and look at me look how well we are doing when really they aren’t, they don’t like to admit because they are to worried what other people would think of them. I’ll always be straight and no BS just say it as it is. By the end of the 8 week challenge (3 weeks time) I’ll have to close the doors on Manchester Cave. I’m Absolutely gutted as I have gave everything, my heart and soul in to this project. It’s basically costing to much to run, and my health! I’ve gone to big to soon with Manchester Cave with a few reasons why I did in the first place. I have tried so hard you wouldn’t believe. It actually made me mentally and physically ill just a month a ago and aged me as you can see haha, and I’ve saved it from closing twice this year that no one knows about. But as one door closes another one opens, as they say. It’s definitely not the end of MCR Cave we just need to relocate to a smaller/cheaper building so hopefully would reopen by January. Everything will be updated on the MCR Cave page. At first I was thinking this decision as a failure but it’s not! The numbers are to great and against me to stay open so really I just need to relocate. You would not believe some of the things I’ve gone though to keep MCR open and running. I know for a fact not many people would cope, they would of broke months ago, but there is always many positives from a “negative”.

MCR members are awesome!! Made some great new friends and trainers.

  1. Always read the small print 3 times not twice!.
  2. Start small (like I did with the other 4 caves).
  3. I’ve learned so many ways on how NOT to run a business outside of Staffordshire.
  4. I’ve wanted to franchise Cave outside of stoke. Now is my opportunity to make MCR the first.
  5. I’ve learned so much more about myself and what more I’m capable of.
  6. I’ve learned what real true friends / team I have.
  7. I’ve learned so much more with marketing.
  8. Made some new awesome super strong Cavers / friends.
  9. We have made more amazing transformations.
  10. I’ll be coming back to Fenton Cave (for now and probably take a night in Castle).
  11. All MCR gym kit will be put in both Fenton and Newcastle Caves giving you more toys to play with! Some brilliant kit.
  12. Your going to benefit from all the new kit coming / Cave classes and personal training.
  13. I can focus more on a few new projects for Fenton and Newcastle Cave.
  14. Leaned way more on business in general.
  15. This might not be for some people 😉 but I’m back! And feel bigger (not my weight lol) “my mind” Staffordshire take over.

Im suffering, I’m absolutely gutted as I take all this very personal. I always put Cave first, even before my health, but reading all the above doesn’t seem that bad?! I’ve already gone though all the pain and hurt to achieve all the 15 benefits.

So, to add some value to you from my painful experience wanting to start a business further afield.

Start small (as I have done in the past 🙈).
Read the small print 3 times, not twice.
Ask for help! You can’t do it all like I try to 🙄.
And when you feel pain, that is normal. Keep pushing!

For now, I’ve took a big hit personally. I just need some time to re-think and build back up. I’ve done it before.