Something I’d like to share with you.

CBD Oil, (type Cannabis oil).

I’ve read some articles and watched videos on the Benefits of CBD and it all seems to good to be true. You might of read my last post about mental health / stress and lack of sleep I was having around Christmas and January. So with all this I looked into CBD oil. At first I was like most people and say what Cannabis?? I’m going to be high or stoned? No! This is pure CBD concentrate I’ve had with no THC in it. THC is what gets you high, so at first I took CDB 10% oil for 2 weeks and didn’t feel anything or notice any difference, so I did more research and found CBD 30% concentrate paste, apparently this type is what they can cure cancer patients with!!

Read the links below and have your own opinion it’s your choice;

January February I was having around 2/3 hours sleep and my mind wasn’t in a good place.

I’ve had arthritis the past 15 months with crazy joint pain in my hips knees and shoulders.

So I’ve took the 30% paste for the past 5 weeks.

Then on week 3, I’m sleeping straight 8-10 hours and waking up awake! My mind is a lot calmer, I’m definitely thinking different / better, but the most impressive feeling I’ve had… I’ve got ZERO joint pain!!! I can’t believe within 3 weeks I have no joint pain at all. I’m moving more freely, not walking up steps like an old man, and of course transfers over to training, zero joint pain so I’m training better and recovering faster. You can all have your own opinion, but I can’t get over I have zero pain It’s definitely the CBD oil!