No Carbs after 6pm ?

Carbohydrates are macronutrients your body breaks down into glucose. There are two types, Simple and complex.
Simple carbs are found mainly in fruits and vegetables, but also in refined (processed) grains and cakes. Complex carbs are found in wholegrain bread and pasta as well as potatoes, and other starchy vegetables. Carbs are for your body to produce energy.
🥞 Carbs at night don’t make you overweight, overeating does, to many calories
🥔 If you train later in the day, the need for them increases, post workout. You need carbs to help recover and repair after a workout
🍞 Having them before bed helps you sleep better, increased serotonin , better sleep better fat loss
🥖 Zero difference in metabolic rate during mid day meal or a night time meal.
🍠 If Following a plan you have less hunger and less temptations with better adherence! 📈
So it’s OK to eat carbs after 6pm or even before bed