Cardio for fat Loss

Cardio for fat loss is just a tool, you don’t actually NEED cardio for fat loss, fat loss can be achieved by creating an energy deficit and if you weight train properly with a nutrition plan you will strip fat without endless hours of cardio.
A lot of people think cardio is pure FAT BURNING when it’s not. You could be consistently eating in a surplus doing cardio and getting no leaner, due to eating a higher energy balance, obviously cardio strengthens your cardiovascular system heart and lungs, but just doing high intensity weight training is “ fat burning “ and if done right it feel like a cardio session.
But the answer will always be “ it depends “
Everyone has different starting points, different goals, different deadlines to achieve a fatloss goal.
It depends on your starting point, some people have a lot of Bodyfat to lose and weight training 3 times a week might not be enough for your lifestyle so adding some cardio sessions in the week will help create a bigger energy balance or deficit.
Some leaner individuals mite not need to do any cardio at all as weight training sessions alone would be enough to achieve fatloss.
You have 2 types of cardio, LISS ( low intensity steady state ) like walking ,bike , rowers etc slower activity, and we have HIIT ( High intensity interval training ) like sprinting going all out on cardio in shorter intervals. ( 10 seconds sprint 40 seconds rest ) that’s just one example
So what is better for fat loss ? LISS or HIIT ?
Again it “ depends “ but the answer is what ever you are most motivated to stick with will be the one that gets you maximum results.
If you HATE doing HIIT then you won’t commit to doing it, therefore HIIT “ doesn’t work “ for you.
It has to be something you enjoy and are willing to do. HITT and LISS are both great tools for fatloss but pick the one you like doing the most, this is perosn dependent and what you can recover from.
However, HIIT will create more efficient energy expenditure as you train harder with more calories burned and the after effort for the rest of the day, this would be for people if you don’t have much time to add cardio so you need 10 minute sessions, enjoy it or conditioned for it.
As we diet longer and coming to the last weeks of a transformation or challenge you won’t have much energy to go all out doing HIIT sessions it’s very demanding on the nervous system and you need to recover from it. With LISS you can sit on a indoor bike for double the time burning the same amount of calories watching a YouTube video, it just takes twice as long. The down side it take longer to do.
End of the day, it’s total calories “ energy “ used per day that gets you fat loss goals
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