How to pick a Personal Trainer / Online Coach

My Personal experience & years in the industry

I feel I just need to give some advice out from my experience with seeing the huge increase in Online training in this industry.

We are seeing so many more Online PTs popping up now so you just need to be extra careful who you invest your money in and who might be able to coach you to the best of their abilities and obviously coach you in a safe way with no “ quick fixes “

A few things to look for

  • Quality of service
  • How much experience do they have ?
  • Past results, before after pictures or testimonials
  • How they can adjust to your lifestyle?

Before starting you need to ask yourself what is your goal?  Along with what do you need to know in achieving your goal?

You have to accept that your trainer will be expecting  you to level Up in order to help you achieve your transformation.  What helps is that you should want to show the trainer that you are hard working and that you will do as they prescribe.  You should want to impress them and do them proud and if anything progress more than expected.

Let’s start with cost 💰

First of all you must remember this is their job and they will need a certain amount of time and commitment from you, so don’t be shocked if you hear the coach say they only provide 12-16 week plans.

It takes time to create Nutriton and training plans and they shouldn’t be giving out a “ cookie cutter“ one size fits all plans.

It should be made personally for you, and plans take some time for you to adjust to.  People expect to see results immediately and it’s not like that,  you need to show that you can adhere to the process.

You will need to give time to this as the trainer is also learning more about you as you are them, plus you might of heard a few things about your trainer but they know nothing about you.

If the Coaching is really cheap then don’t expect the best service,  expect to pay around £50-£100 per week, there is quality when it comes to coaching, it isn’t just about a training plan, food plan and just a few messages a week it’s so much more.

Someone who’s going to give you tough love and not just agree with your lack of adherence will create for you a more positive mindset which will increase your chances of results.

You need the right mindset for when it starts to get hard, when you get leaner, barriers that you might have, lifestyle family or work commitments, keep you on track, mapping out your progress so you can see what’s achievable in the time given and also an “ after Cave “ for reverse dieting if needed.

Service 🔧

Be patient on replies but ideally they should be getting back to your enquiries within 24 hours.

Experience 🎯

Some will argue that all good coaches don’t necessarily need to have been through a transformation themselves but I personally think they need to, it is so valuable to share the same experience they would have to go through the same process as you, to feel what’s involved, the sacrifice and “ pain “ to achieve the goal.

Some things you can’t explain unless you have been through the process of dieting for so long and different types of training methods etc. All the pressures, struggles, difficulties and all the emotional side you will come across the trainer would of experienced all this and can appreciate your thoughts and feelings.  Also the better the shape or transformation the coach had as a result can show you their true commitment during their own personal transformation.

You will completely understand each other.  They can’t be harsh on you if they haven’t experienced the process themselves as they can’t fully understand the journey or process.

Time ⏰

Ask how long they been coaching for.  Nothing wrong in starting with someone who is new in the industry as we all have to start somewhere, but I wouldn’t be giving them large amounts of money when they are new.

When I started doing these transformations in Cave years ago I remember offering 8 transformations to members for free because I wanted to learn and grow myself.  After I had successfully transformed these members and learnt along the way I could then use these guys as my showcase in order to get my future clients and start earning.

I remember offering 3-4 FREE Personal Training sessions a week on 8 individual clients, this took up so much time but I knew I would get great before / after pictures to future sell my service.

Trust ❤️

I would always trust the process with the trainer, do at least 3 months and make the decision after if you are going to carry on or not. But always do everything they advise and see what the outcome is.

I’ve had a client recently feeling super tired from a food plan within the first 10 days but this can be the body adjusting the to new lifestyle as you might be used to consuming so much bad quality food.  Then in the end she was in the best shape she’s ever been in.

Trust the process!

Many coaches can give you a plan, but they need to take inconsideration your lifestyle and create nutrition / training plans around that, time frame and your cost of living “food prep“

You really need to think hard before you invest in someone, it will take time to get to know the coach and how much they can actually help around your goal and your lifestyle and they have to actually give a shit when it comes to you smashing your goal.