Stalling on Fat Loss?

Have you followed a new year new me diet plan and now your progress has stalled ? 

Well you may need a break …. a diet break 

That doesn’t mean you come off your diet and eat anything in sight you are still on a diet but eating more of it. Diet breaks are around 3 to 14 days of eating at your new maintenance level that you have dieted down to 

Dieting for a long period of time can be mentally taxing on the body and mentally, but there are also Metabolic Adaptation that occur. These adaptations reduced total daily energy expenditure (TDEE).

Reset your new TDEE from your new weight that you have dieted down to, and eat your maintenance calories for 3 to 14 days. 

Diet breaks are for people who have actually followed a diet plan 90% and above. If your diet is poor then no need to have a diet break as you kinda are already eating one and it won’t make any difference so you need to have a honest conversation with yourself, do I need a diet break ? Or do you need create new diet plans that you will actually enjoy and stick to. 

If your bodyweight / fat was dropping for weeks and now it’s stopped you may need a break. Once your diet break is over from your new maintenance level drop your calories again back in a deficit but this time you will end up lower, then you will be back on the fat loss train 🚂 🔥 

Zig zag your progress down 📉