COVID-19 Reopening Procedures

We are excited to announce that we are reopening on 25th July 2020.
To keep all of our members safe we are having to make a few small changes.
  • All members and PT clients are required to sign the new Covid wavier form before being allowed to train.  Note that you will automatically be prompted to accept the waiver when you book a class or gym session.
  • All class and gym sessions need to be booked online.  Please do not just show up or send a direct message asking to be squeezed in, we will have to say no!
  • Class and Gym numbers will be limited, we will update the online booking to reflect this.
  • All classes and gym payments must be done online, we will not be accepting cash in the cave.
  • Everyones temperature will be checked on entry to the gym
  • Hand sanitizers are placed all around the gym and should be used.
  • Gym sessions are limited to ONE HOUR use only and you cannot book 2 hours ( due to the limited numbers we need to be fair on others who are wanting to train )
  • Showers and changing room out of use
  • Cardio and Gym use – you must clean your kit after use
  • Gym use – you won’t be able to train in groups
  • Please bring your own towel
  • Use your own common sence to stay socially distant
  • After a class the trainer will be required to make sure those members have left the building before the next class enters. E.g. 6:30 class will be required to queue outside ( or wait in car) until they are given the go ahead by the trainer to enter the gym. There will be no waiting in reception for the class this is to abide by social distancing rules.
  • If you are booked into the gym please turn up specifically at the correct time slot ( not early ) to avoid over crowding
  • If you are booked onto a class and cannot make it. Please cancel your booking as others will be waiting. Any failed attendance will be charged for the class
  • Memberships are online now to purchase, these are on the website and not the Mind Body app
  • First Cave class will be Saturday 25th 9am
  • Class timetable will be online in 2 weeks.  Please keep an eye out on social media as we will post when it’s live.
  • No kids are allowed to wait in cave
See you soon 💪