LA Trip

Again, very strange how I visualised this picture and it’s come true. Everything I keep “seeing“ happens. LA trip is now over, it wasn’t all what I expected but I’ve got my questions answered. I was right all along 🙄 I just needed to hear it from the best in the industry.

All my thoughts answered, all my ideas answered, over the past 8 years I feel I have zero excuses left and no more questions to ask. So this is it, I’m ready.

Yes LA is a great place to visit and the weather is amazing, but this isn’t what I come over for, pure business. A day with Charles Poliquin and some time with my idol Nick. He will think this is silly but I look up to Nick in so many ways, he’s helped me a lot over the years and I’m forever grateful and will always support him and his business, that’s just the way I’ve been brought up. Look after the ones who look after you and give back.

Start to head back to sunny Stoke back in my Cave ready to take Caveman, to turn the heat up on Caveman, I already knew was possible I was already on the right track in my mind the way I visualised. This week has made me realise what I’ve achieved over the years. I’ve done 3-4 times as much as anyone else, that’s just fact. This ain’t big headed at all, Ill always say it how it is but I’ve felt I was ahead of my time definitely in Stoke and trying to convince you guys what’s possible with my knowledge and experience, a lot I’ve not used. I’ve held back because I’ve felt I’m the only person around here, no one is doing what I’m doing and what I / Cave can offer, so I’ve felt lost on how I’m going deliver this to you as I’m the first. Well as I keep telling myself just do it. If you understand it you do if you don’t then 🤷🏼‍♂️ ya don’t, can’t please all. But this will be the zero bullshit approach so all these ideas, experience and knowledge will be let loose and standards raised up a notch. Absolutely 100% focused. When I land I plan on getting you guys what you want, in the quickest way possible, with the most value around. So if you’re ready for change, let’s do it and meet me half way.

Some thoughts in LA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • It’s fine to say no to the people you look up to, know your own worth and never settle for less. If nothing is a HELL YES it’s not worth doing.
  • You already know the answers.
  • Not giving a F🙄🙄K is freedom, say how you see, just don’t be an arse. If you don’t like, simply move away and get on with your day.
  • Not everyone’s business is your business, focus on your own.
  • Don’t be a snob, you look a prick. Be grounded and remember where you come from. We all started in the same place, just a different area.
  • You don’t NEED everything you own or they start owning you. Give something away, do you really need it? Someone else needs it more than you.
  • Just because you’ve seen something glammed up on social media or the movies, don’t expect it be the same.
  • Some people are just wanting a chip, or someone to talk to, you still don’t realise the power to help and change someone’s day for the better.
  • Common sense is what you’re not using.
  • Stand by the people who lifted you up, because of them you are where you are today.
  • Always stick to the basics.
  • The ideas and goals you’re thinking you’re already thinking on the right path, so go with that and do it now.
  • Raise your standards, but do it now.
  • Perfect days do exist.