The ONE thing id advise for Fat loss ?

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I was asked the other day what , out of all the things it can be , what’s the one change that makes a big difference?

It’s the protein and fat breakfast ..

The mainstream media or your parents have probably thought you that you should have heaps of carbs for breakfast or bowls of yogurt and sugar/ fruit when I’m saying ideally a good breakfast would be Steak and nuts ( protein and fats ) this was something Charles Poliquin drilled into me in my early years of Education with him, I’ll explain why.

If you have been reading some of my content I post you might know already I don’t say it’s just about calories in vs calories out because it isn’t, it’s more than that, It’s what’s IN the food you consume that matters the macronutrients.

You can try this little test tomorrow morning and see how you FEEL hours after your meal. Try eating the same amount of calories from “ plan 1 “ steak and macadamia nuts for one meal then the next morning ( same calories ) from “ plan 2 “ toast and yogurt + banana or Granola, then rate how you feel hours after from each meal. I’m 100% sure you feel shit from plan 2.

The food that we eat and even meal timing plays a huge role of a transformation or fat loss on Hormones and neurotransmitters ( Brain Chemicals ).

If you didn’t release when we consume Carbohydrates it makes us feel calm and relaxed, this is part why when we feel stressed we reach out for Carbs. Red meat will do the opposite and fire up the brain the acetylcholine that makes us feel motivated and awake. So when we wake up do you want to feel clam and relaxed or fired up for the day ? You may not realise what food does for the brain and fat loss, Plus if you are more motivated you will lose more fat ! Think about what I’ve just said there …. When your breakfast is high carbs ( feeling sluggish ) this is why coffee shops are packed out around 10am-11am because you need a pick me up from the caffeine due to the poor breakfast, then you top it up with a muffin or cereal bar that has more carbs/ sugar , then you feel more tired few hours later then blood sugar jumps up and down and so on and so on, see where this is going ? Then you end up losing muscle but that’s a different post.

So the ideal breakfast for fatloss and health ?
Try 20-30g of good fats to stabilise blood suger like macadamia nuts then some red meat like steak or mince as it’s easier to get down say around 6oz, TRY THIS and let me know how you feel a few hours after, I bet you will feel more awake more motivated and you won’t feel like you need to bindge on carbs.

Elevated insulin levels makes you feel sluggish, low and unmotivated and makes want eat more poor food choices. When making a food plan you need to consider stabilising blood sugar throughout the day. Many of my clients will say “ it’s strange I normally bindge by now but I feel satisfied on this plan “ and when you end up sticking to a plan results will come.

I can 100% guarantee you will feel so much better and lose fat by a meat and nut breakfast. If you can’t stand red meat first thing in the morning try eggs , mushroom and egg omelette maybe with some nuts.

Remember this is just ONE thing I’d change first, let me know how you feel on your breakfast experiment.