Fibre for Fat Loss

Fat loss strategy – Add Fibre to your diet 🥬🥒🫑🥦
The brains to your body is your gut, optimal gut health is the key for fat loss and adding lean muscle and fibre is one of the main roles for digestive health. Fibre is part of the detoxification phase in fat loss in getting rid of the environmental toxicity of today’s world and bad food choices. And this day and age the majority of people don’t eat enough fibre in their diet. Fibre helps to move oestrogen from around different parts of the body so for a Male “ man boobs “ and females will struggle from around the hips and thighs.
Fibre is technically a type of carbohydrate, it functions very differently to normal carbs in human metabolism.
There are two types of fibre. Soluble fibre, dissolves in water and can benefit human health by binding to cholesterol as it travels through the gastrointestinal tract and pulls water from the food we eat and that will slow down digestion giving us that full feeling, food like psyllium and oatmeal.
Insoluble fibre is doesn’t dissolve in water and benefits digestion by adding bulk to the stool and speeds up elimination of the gastrointestinal track, this comes from green vegetables nuts and fruits.
When members or clients jump on the Cave 12 week challenge or my online training I always recommend 200-300g ( cooked weight ) green veg per day to start with, then add chia seeds flax seeds etc if needed.
Fibre promotes healthy digestion as simple as that so get it in you, the engine of your body