TBT – Where They All Started…

This is actually where Cave started, where my Rehabilitation took place for my leg injury around 8 years ago. This is Scott’s garage a few streets away from me.

Strange how it seems to fit with the message from the other pictures, Cave is nowhere near these other brands but I can share with you to start a business you don’t need money, you don’t need rich mummy and daddy’s, you don’t need ” business partners” all you need to start is find your passion, not something that you think is a quick buck or an easy way, it’s never lasts. it needs to be your own passion, vision and original. Then the rest fall into place.

I’ll share 10 things with you off the top of my head I have learned along the way so far.

  1. Find your passion, what do you LOVE doing?
  2. Master your passion / idea. Practice practice practice and practice some more.
  3. Find a mentor / coach you look up to and look after them, I personally do. I have 3. Nick, Phil and Charles. INVEST in the best
  4. Make it your own and don’t copy “be original”
  5. Give back, and share your knowledge. Don’t hold all your ideas and experience in your head, share it and help people we all need it even you! What ever idea you have in your head now… DO IT!!! You’ll never find the perfect time so the time is NOW!!
  6. If you ever get stuck along the way always refer back to what your mentor / coach told you, they have made more failures and success than you. Learn from them.
  7. You must be willing to do ANYTHING for your passion to succeed. Working 9 till 5 just won’t cut it. You will experience pressure, loneliness, no money at times, hate, slate, back stabbing and pain!! Pain for what you love. Just hold on to all the positives you have achieved only you can get you out the storm.
  8. You WILL fail, you’ll fail many times but don’t be scared to, it’s all learning and conditioning you for the other obstacles that you’ll cross later in life. Next time you won’t take it so personal or you’ll avoid something as you learn from mistakes.
  9. Trust less, not saying don’t trust but just be careful, you will get shit on, you can’t please everyone not everybody is on the same page as you, but you can please most, That’s ok. We all have our own needs and wants and they change over time and from life experiences.
  10. Don’t WAIT around for others to much, only YOU can make your passion happen the way you want it to.

And I’ll add sacrifice and a lot of it!!