Is it normal too feel F##ked

Life as you know is not always perfect

I remember doing this TiKTok video 🙄 and feeling fu❌Ked !! So tired and drinking water to stop me from over eating and this was month 5
And drinking water was just not cutting it
I just kept thinking of the end goal and pictures

These after pictures you’ve seen show only one side to a transformation, the successful side , glammed up side , the “ look how amazing my life is social media bullshit side “ it’s not like that at all ….

Myself and other fitness professionals have had to have shit days, shit weeks but refused to give up as there is an end goal in sight. This is why goal setting is super important. No goal then your aiming at nothing.

You will have days when your fed up of eating the same plan, and 5 months is a long time to stay focused, my food was never bland it was amazing!! I just wanted a bit of cake or something a little different off plan but I didn’t, I stayed consistent, nothing magic in a food plan it’s all REAL FOOD just staying consistent by the gram and be boring but I don’t want ok results I want amazing Results.

It’s normal to feel tired, bored and drained it’s all part of it, nothing amazing ever comes easy does it ?

If your not feeling a little discomfort you’re doing it wrong, it can’t be easy. Just think of the easy things you achieved ,they aren’t all that great are they really ?

I had weeks where my legs felt like jelly, I was so tired from all the cardio and heavy leg days

I had little shoulder injuries I had to work around and it’s frustrating when you know you can lift more weight or reps but restrictions in the shoulder were slowing me down but you just work around it big deal

Me and Steph fell out a few times at each other because we are hungry lol, I had times I didn’t want to speak to anyone I was so hungry or tired ( we NEVER STARVED we just in a deep deficit we wanted naughty foods ) and times when Steph kept saying nothing is happening I don’t feel or look any different, then kept saying she’s not good enough to do it , keeping her on track and explaining all the reasons why to stay on track and keep motivated payed off and just believe the plan and stay consistent and be patient ⏰ it’s just time and you can’t speed that up

You will feel tired
You will feel like giving up
You will get pissed off when you see others around you eating things you want
You will have bad sleep at times
You will feel absolutely starving a few times near the end when your deep in a deficit


It’s all part of it and it shows you what your actually made of

When you have and feel these days and wake up the next day you realise you didn’t actually need more food off plan and you survived to start the next day, repeat repeat repeat

You have to experience a little pain to become 10 times better

Pain like this changes people for the good

A few things I mentally think that helped me
🧠 Perfect each day one day at a time in all you do
Demand high standards ( I’m not eating that shit )
🧠 Training – make every rep perfect on form and focus on quality ( no half reps no reps left in the tank )
🧠 Training – think that this set or workout is your last one ever, ever! – give it your all
🧠 Food prep – perfect each meal to the gram no more no less

So …… if your on a plan and struggling and having a little wobble 🙄 it’s fine it means your on track for the successful club 👌🏽

And remember you don’t feel like this all the time it’s only to reach your goal then you can relax a little and set new goals or maintain your new amazing look …