Transformation – Laura

My transformation has changed my life, from the way that I think about food to the way that I think about the weights I am lifting. I actually can’t remember how I felt in life before starting this journey. I have never felt more committed or motivated towards anything in my life. I could have done this without some of the people around me but I have also shown myself what I am capable of doing, things that I never thought I could and I am so proud of my myself. This is just the start of my journey.

Before I started this transformation with Adam I was doing around 5/6 cave classes a week and hours of cardio after the classes. I was doing too much and Adam quickly changed this on week one as well as cleaning up my eating. By doing less hours training and eating right I have actually started to see amazing results. The knowledge Adam has is phenomenal and he has always known what tweaks to make to the diet, training, cardio and supplements to ensure results continued. Before starting the training I had an addiction to sugar and I can honestly say that has now gone. Throughout this challenge I have not been hungry as I have been full on good protein filled foods and good fats.

Yes I have had the odd craving for something bad but that is to be expected too. I have changed my body so much, my body fat has reduced by over 9% already, I have lost around 12 pounds, increased my lean muscle mass, sleep better, avoid caffeine and my changes of pictures are incredible. I am so much stronger and confident with weights and my form, I feel like now when I do a cave class I fly around it now confidently doing stations I couldn’t before. I have learnt that rest days and refuelling with good food is very important and getting enough sleep to repair, also I have enjoyed not drinking alcohol and how productive you feel with your spare time.

I have had days where I ached from head to toe, but I now love that feeling and it’s a reminder for me now of the hard work. My training plan has consisted of 3 weight training days with Adam, 2 cardio days and 2 rest days. I have found this more than achievable and have been able to fit it a\round work and my life. My food has been similar throughout and this is because consistency is key, I have had plenty of protein from meats, eggs, Greek yoghurt, protein powder and plenty of veggies, also carbs on training days. I am so proud of myself, I also couldn’t have done it without my mum, buying and preparing all of my food, we have been such a good team. My friends who have supported me, Rachel who has been on the journey with me, my boyfriend who has support me through it and constantly encouraged me, and finally Adam I cannot thank him enough for his time, thought, effort, knowledge, commitment and basically for just not giving up on me. He has honestly changed my life and perceptions