Transformation – Laura Shore

Around the age of 17 I was always around the 10 stone mark and size 10 dress size so I wasn’t built to be a large person the weight I put on was due to how my lifestyle changed at that point. I went to college and it was right next to Subway and McDonald’s so I started becoming lazy and eating one or the other everyday then I got a job for a bit along side college at KFC. I wanted to earn as much as I could as it was the first time I had my own money and every shift you worked you got a free meal. I then got in a relationship so I went out for food all the time Pizza hut being a favourite and I became content in my relationship.

I would bury my head in the sand and not want to admit to my issues, I would sneak snacks away from people as I didn’t want them to see or judge. I had no confidence at all and would wear baggy clothes and I wouldn’t drink or let my hair down with my friends as my weight and confidence wouldn’t allow it. This may sound cliché but I didn’t realise how big I was as I didn’t want to admit to it. I would avoid the scales until one day I got on them and realised I was 15 and half stone and was the same weight as a man I knew who in my eyes was a really really big guy, it made me feel sick. This was a few years later and wasn’t at college now and had a full time job but even then I was going the sandwich van every morning for breakfast and eating bacon or sausage sandwiches every day then a sandwich I had made myself for dinner and crisps. I snacked a lot too on cakes and chocolate etc too.

This was the point where I changed it literally just clicked in my head, how had I let myself get to this? 
I started the gym everyday and eating healthier and lost quite a bit of weight then when I started struggling I would do the odd clean 9 detox and shake diets. When I got to a certain weight I started to struggle it didn’t matter how much I starved myself and exercised I couldn’t shift any weight.

I was recommended by a colleague to try cave but I didn’t have the confidence to do it on my own so a friend come with me and because I didn’t drive I relied on her heavily and we loved it. It made you realise that you may go the gym everyday but you are so unfit as I had never done anything as challenging as cave before.

Circumstance changed however and she couldn’t go anymore so I had to leave cave for a while until I started driving and saw the 8 week challenge advertised. I was so determined to do it and get results, I wanted to do this for me and nobody else but I was so scared to do it on my own. I begged so many people to do it with me but they weren’t interested. When the deadline to sign up came I thought I want to do it I’ve just got to sign up and deal with the consequences after!

It was all about my confidence and anxiety. I was thinking when I walk into cave I will be the fat one, the unfit one, people will know I’m new and I’ll stand out like a sore thumb. They will all be watching me and judging me as I’m new.

It turns out cave is not like this at all, no one takes any notice of what your doing in the class as they are busy putting their all into the classes, people will come over and help you with the weighs etc if you are struggling. They are all friendly and all there for the same reason as you! There’s men and women and a mixture of sizes, ages and fitness.

Since the 8 week challenge which I followed up with the 6 week challenge I feel I have changed as a person I have never felt so mentally strong. The confidence cave has given me is unbelievable and not only that the way my body has physically changed is in such a short space of time is too amazing.

I have loved learning about nutrition and going from someone who used to starve themselves on shakes I was scared to eat more but I stuck to it and well it definitely works. My anxiety and IBS has almost gone now.

It has been difficult in some ways too though, but if you are as dedicated and want this as much as I did it is easier. I have gone from someone who was scared to do anything on my own to attending classes alone because I know it is something I need to do for me.

The trainers are lovely and really look after you and what’s nice is they have come from a more similar background than most people realise.

I’ve had a lot going on these past few months but cave has given me a distraction something I enjoy and can switch off leave my phone in the car and concentrate on me!

I was 15 and a half stone I am now 9 stone so that’s 6 and half stone gone. I was in size 18 to 20 now I’m in size 10 to 12. I have not finished yet but now I can see the finish line getting closer as my body has started to change massively these last few months.

Thank you for all the trainers help.