The Lockdown War Plan

I am adding some new features to the cave website this year and what a better time to start now to help everyone through the lockdown.

This will be ongoing throughout the year and beyond.  I’ll be adding regular content on;

  • Mindset / Motivation
  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Supplements
  • Recovery
  • Live streaming of classes
  • Events
  • Cave Trainers blogs and workouts
  • Members corner

With the new members site I want to share all my years worth of knowledge that I have learned. This has been learned from the best in the business from Charles Poliquin, Nick Mitchell, Phil Learney, Milos Sarcev, Peter sage and many more and all the success and failures I’ve come across to help you achieve your goals faster.

Most of all I want to educate you so that you understand what your doing and why your doing it and then you can implement strategy’s in your training and life straight away.

Therefore I am starting with “The Lockdown War Plan

The Lockdown War Plan

I have designed this to help you kick start your day on a positive note from the get go.

I have built this for you to use everyday.  It is for your own accountability and to track tasks completed. When you have finished it will automatically send you an email with the data for you to save and track progress.

It’s very important to keep your mind, body and your day active in this crisis. Only a few weeks ago you had fitness, life and work goals.  Well these goals still stand and you must not let them slip in this storm that will eventually pass.  You still have wants and needs so let’s keep the ball rolling!

What gets measured gets accomplished

I will be adding more features and forms over the coming days, this is still work in progress so please let me know your thoughts and any issues that you have.