Lauren Underhill

Personal Trainer

There is no failure, you either win… or learn!

Trainer bio

I’m Lauren, I do personal training at Caveman Training. I started training at Caveman Training 4 years ago doing the classes and having Personal Training sessions myself, I then took some time out to have my little girl.

Coming back into fitness after having my daughter was tough, it was mentally and physically challening to try and get my pre-baby body back. I lost all my confidence, but the support and guidance I had from the people around me and the trainers was amazing! In no time I started to feel so confident again and I had learned so much on my journey about nutrition and training that I had the bug to become a trainer and help others feel confident, but most off all, help people feel happy with themselves as to me… that’s what’s most important.

The best thing I did was join Caveman Training, not only was I helped along my own journey, but I had the privalige of becoming a part of the team helping people feel their absolute best.

Personal Fitness Goals

To contiune to learn and grow as I’m fairly new to the industry, I want to grow and learn from the best… to give the best.
 Competing in FMC Competition is on the cards….


I was qualified in 2018, level 2 gym instructor 
+ level 3 personal trainer. 
My experience has been only at Caveman Training, and every time I’m there I learn something new, I’m always learning. 
The last year I’ve had my own challenges, 12 weeks transformations and a handful of happy clients with great results.

  • Spending time with my daughter
  • Training
Staying fit and healthy
  • Having fun!
  • Happy people
  • Sleep!
  • Coffee
  • Making others happy
  • Moaning
  • People who tell porkie pies.