Jenna Kinsey

Jenna Kinsey

Personal Trainer

Find success in everyday
Feel the fear and do it anyway

Trainer bio

Telecoms Project manager by day, Success Coach & Yoga teach by purpose!
I love health & wellness! It is my purpose to encourage people to be the best version if themselves & live limitless lives!
I am 36 years old, have 3 children, 2 dogs, an active social life and a full time job.
A few years ago I started to break out of my groundhog day routine and create a life what I was meant for!
What I have learned about myself & this life has pushed me on to a path of helping others.
I am now own my Coaching business and Yoga teaching business along with my new Fitness/Personal Trainer qualification!
My passion is health on every level & I’m here to get you over those limiting beliefs you have around your mind & body!
Together we can breakdown what you think you are and build you in to who you want to be.

Personal Fitness Goals

To always be progressing and improving my mind and body. learning about my body, working with it and loving it always!
Encouraging others to do the same!
Peak health changes as we grow in life, my goal is to always be changing with it.


I have been into fitness since my teens (steaming from a love of WWF & wanting become strong enough to be wrestle ha!)
I have picked up a lot from my own research and experience the last 20 years and most if it from being a member at Cave since 2013.
I have been teaching Yoga since December 2019 and have a brand new fresh Fitness & Personal Trainer qualification.
  • Anything self care & wellbeing related
  • Meditation
  • Walking
  • Travel
  • Quality family time
  • Expanding my businesses and creating new opportunities.
  • Food, cooking, eating it!
  • Being active and social and on the flip side I love being alone!
  • The sunshine & fresh air too!
  • Sprouts… everything else can be turned into a ‘like’ if you look at it a certain way.