Transformation – Laura Shore

Around the age of 17 I was always around the 10 stone mark and size 10 dress size so I wasn’t built to be a large person the weight I put on was due to how my lifestyle changed at that point. I went to college and it was right next to Subway and McDonald’s […]

Transformation – Rachel

Before deciding to do the 6 week transformation with Adam, I felt stuck, felt I had hit a wall with training. I was training in cave classes 5/6 times a week, eating what I thought was ‘good’. I got to a point in training where I felt I couldn’t and wasn’t progressing, my body wasn’t […]

Transformation – Laura

My transformation has changed my life, from the way that I think about food to the way that I think about the weights I am lifting. I actually can’t remember how I felt in life before starting this journey. I have never felt more committed or motivated towards anything in my life. I could have […]

Transformation – James Jefferies

I started Caveman Training as I needed to tone up after losing 3st in just under a year. I was also type2 diabetic and had high blood pressure and sleep apnea. I started an 8 week challenge, which progressed in to 12 weeks. Training 3 times + per week. With Adams knowledge and sticking to […]