Will eating carbs around training make you fat?

Will eating carbs around training make you fat? Simply put …. No But I still stand firmly on this, you need to earn more carbs to add in your diet. I’m not saying don’t have carbs at all because you need them for muscle function and recovery, but you need to create the demand for […]

No Carbs after 6pm ?

NO CARBS AFTER 6pm Carbohydrates are macronutrients your body breaks down into glucose. There are two types, Simple and complex. Simple carbs are found mainly in fruits and vegetables, but also in refined (processed) grains and cakes. Complex carbs are found in wholegrain bread and pasta as well as potatoes, and other starchy vegetables. Carbs […]

Eating for your body type

Eating for your body type Ectomorph Ectomorphs are characterized as thin, with small bone structures “ delicate “ and thinner limbs, lean muscle mass, small shoulders and find it hard to gain weight and muscle. This profile is linked to a fast metabolic rate and a high carbohydrate tolerance. These are the type of people […]

Stalling on Fat Loss?

Have you followed a new year new me diet plan and now your progress has stalled ?  Well you may need a break …. a diet break  That doesn’t mean you come off your diet and eat anything in sight you are still on a diet but eating more of it. Diet breaks are around […]

30 Delicious Macro Recipes Volume III

30 Delicious Macro Recipes Volume II

30 Delicious Macro Recipes – Smoothie Edition

Want Results? Follow These Simple Steps

I’ll share some info with you I give to our Cave members doing the 8 week challenge. Cave members or anyone who wants to feel better ? Shred Fat ? Lean muscle ? You want results ? But do you REALLY want results ? Follow these simple steps Fish Oil Fish Oil really is a […]