Cave news

Mr Motivator has some very important news!

COVID-19 Reopening Procedures

We are excited to announce that we are reopening on 25th July 2020. To keep all of our members safe we are having to make a few small changes. All members and PT clients are required to sign the new Covid wavier form before being allowed to train.  Note that you will automatically be prompted […]

How to start Caveman Training Stoke

Here’s how to start Caveman Training Stoke. Create your own personal profile online by visiting and following links to either booking at Fenton or Newcastle. Then all classes are be booked and payed online. (Once you make a profile online you’ll be able to see the whole timetable). All classes are pay as you […]

LA Trip

Again, very strange how I visualised this picture and it’s come true. Everything I keep “seeing“ happens. LA trip is now over, it wasn’t all what I expected but I’ve got my questions answered. I was right all along 🙄 I just needed to hear it from the best in the industry. All my thoughts […]

The Close of Manchester Cave… For Now

Not many people would admit their struggles or failures with business on social. All over social media they come across fake and look at me look how well we are doing when really they aren’t, they don’t like to admit because they are to worried what other people would think of them. I’ll always be […]

TBT – Where They All Started…

This is actually where Cave started, where my Rehabilitation took place for my leg injury around 8 years ago. This is Scott’s garage a few streets away from me. Strange how it seems to fit with the message from the other pictures, Cave is nowhere near these other brands but I can share with you […]