Wesley Cross

Personal Trainer


"I aim to evaluate you in a long term lifestyle change, not a five minute fad."

Trainer Bio

I’m a keen professional personal trainer who is constantly trying to invest in myself to give clients a better service. I always strive to get the best from my clients by providing them with a training programme which suits their goals. I’m outgoing and bubbly, but always remain professional. Whether it be in class or in a PT session, I am always on hand to provide support to all of the Cavers. I consider myself 100% approachable and will always do my utmost to help clients achieve their fitness goals.


I’ve always had an interest in health and fitness and qualified three years ago. I worked in MClub before and took my own HIITS classes before joining Caveman Training in 2014. Since becoming a PT I’ve invested in numerous courses to improve my knowledge in nutrition and advanced training techniques. I’m always training and trying to gain as much knowledge as possible to help me to help my clients meet their goals


Currently studying for the advanced coaching academy through Phil Learney performance education.


I enjoy all aspects of weight training for performance and hypertrophy. I love boxing and MMA training.



Personal Fitness Goals

To constantly improve my physique, with the intention of reaching a level that will allow me to step on stage and compete at physique level.


Active IQ Level 2 fitness instruction Advanced diploma in personal training Sports nutrition workshop Gym based boxing workshop Circuit instructor Studio cycling instructor Bioprint level 1 practitioner