Samantha Taylor

Personal Trainer


"It’s not going to be easy but it will be worth it!"

Trainer Bio

I am here for you.  Being a personal trainer is my passion and I am dedicated to my job.  I have been overweight, unhappy and unhealthy myself so I know what it takes.  If you want to change your life and get fit and healthy, then get in touch.


I have been a Cave trainer for 18 months now and a personal trainer for a year.  I attended Cave for three years before I became a trainer.  Before that, I used to run along the canal and went to several gyms, but only a few times before I quit. Cave was the only thing I stuck to and this, for me, was huge.  I was learning, seeing results physically and mentally.  This is when I knew Cave was something I had to be a part of.  I had to change people the way it changed me!  It’s tough and I started from the bottom so I know what it takes.  I’m now consistently attending courses to expand my knowledge so that I am always moving forward and learning for you and for me.


  • Weight Training – lifting heavy is my fave
  • Cave Classes – I can’t go a week without training in a class.  It’s how I started and I will always do them. They help me to stay fit.


  • Cardio! – Enough said.

Personal Fitness Goals

  • Pullups – massive goal for me.  I’m currently at seven, my goal is 10
  • Clean + Press – 60k



Level 2 Fitness Instructor Level 3 Personal Training Bio Print Practitioner Clean Health level 1 + 2 Coach Certification Programme Structural Imbalance