Carl Beaman

Personal Trainer


"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

Trainer Bio

When it comes to going to the gym, I’ve always found it difficult to motivate myself to either get there or to train.  I’ve had memberships in the past and never used them effectively.  Then Adam introduced me to Cave and I was hooked!  From its initial starting point to where we are currently, I’ve never felt that two classes were the same – it grabbed my attention and more importantly, it kept it!  I’m now in a position where I’m able to work for Adam at Cave and share this passion to help and inspire others to better themselves and achieve their goals, just as Adam helped and inspired me.


I had a brief spell within Fitness First where I had my initial taste of dealing with people in the fitness industry.  Since then, my experience has really taken off.  I became a Cave trainer and as of March 2016 I have 12 months’ experience of Cave classes.  More recently, I have used this experience to take the lead on classes and also to plan and set up classes.


I love taking classes but want to take this to the next level – I want to go onto my Level 3 and I am also interested in the Boxing PT.


I’ve always had an interest in sports (football, basketball) but in the last few years I’ve also started to enjoy the fitness training aspect – Cave classes, HIIT classes and also weight training.  I really enjoy being able to help people day-to-day, whether that be just some guidance on nutrition or hitting that next goal of their progression – seeing the sense of achievement when someone sets their new personal best.


I can’t say as I really don’t have any dislikes.  No wait.  Thrusters.  I hate thrusters.

Personal Fitness Goals

I want to continue to strip away at my body fat and reduce this further.  I am learning new training methods and exercises all the time and so can put this into practice.  Following on from this, it’s then a case of wanting to continue getting into shape.  I’ve never wanted to get to a state of body-building and ‘get big’ as it were, just to tone myself and stay this way.


Level 2 Gym Instructor