Amanda Daffurn

Personal Trainer


"Just turn up"

Trainer Bio

Tuesday 7/10/14 Newcastle Caveman Training, Day 1 of the most epic Journey of my life. Weighing 16 1/2 stone and a size 22 and after weeks of persuasion from a friend, I decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and ‘just turn up’. I couldn’t do much, hardly anything weighted, even holding my body weight after climbing up on the pull up frame wasn’t going to happen! But the vibe was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced, never before in any other gym or previous exercise class. I still get it every time I walk in.

People of all shapes, sizes, ages, gender, all just doing the best they can do for them and to top it off the awesome trainers and banging tunes. This was the place for me. When I left I felt shell shocked in a good way – I was blown away by the whole experience and completely knackered! But the seed was sown. Over the next 6 months I carried on going, got stronger, lost weight and went on my first cave boot camp to Marbella. I was the biggest there and didn’t know anyone other than the trainers to say hello to. The 5 days training gave me a thirst to look into nutrition and training more seriously and a month after I plucked up the courage to message Sharaine asking for a personal training session. Expecting to turn up and die during the first workout and to be told I would have to starve, but no, I was then drip fed slowly progressive training sessions always leaving feeling like I had achieved. Same with food, small changes that would go on to completely reboot my mindset over eating, combined, gave me solid foundations to progress from.

By August 2015 I was ready to do whatever it takes and asked Sharaine to do me a 12 week transformation. I stuck to the plan 100% and the results just don’t happen to someone like me. I felt amazing, mentally strong and the best bit. I had muscles and did my first pull ups. Epic. Again I wanted more, I decided to sell my rare breed pig business and commit 100% to learning in the hope of one day being in a position to give other persons the tools needed to help make lifelong changes just as I had. Being a part of the Cave team is an absolute honour. Cave is in my blood, it makes me feel alive, there is no other place for me. My commitment to ‘just turn up’ to cave especially in the early days has now given me the opportunity to work with you.

If you have taken the first step to walk in, but worried you are not fit enough or won’t be able to complete a class,stuck in a rut over eating habits, or want to start but don’t know how.. Come and speak to me. Every day I remember what it feels like to start off. Everyone has to start somewhere. Everybody has a Day 1. It’s all about you, the only person you are in competition with is yourself. It’s your journey no one else’s. My commitment to you as part of the Cave team is to provide all the tools you will need to build a new body and stronger mind in exactly the same way they were given to me.

What are you waiting for?


Set up Superpants Personal Training in my pig shed July 2016, which has included setting up and running new to exercise classes, open circuits, fasted cardio sessions, strength progression sessions. Monthly Nutrition support and education classes, providing clear simple educational content. 

Personal Training: implementing goal specific progressive programmes for fat loss, conditioning and strength progression. I also have experience working with clients that have mobility Related issues through injuries now healed and ongoing conditions.

I also work with new clients who have low self esteem  and are self conscious because they feel they have let themselves go, specialising in those new to exercise and those returning after a period of time off. Helping to motivate others by providing mutually agreed achievable short and long term goals. Just like I was.

I have experience in body transformation which involves full nutritional planning for fatloss, alongside an individual progressive training programme and working with those who want to raise fitness and and strength for a fitness test to apply for a job. 


  • Training
  • Training at different places and learning new/different methods
  • Anatomy
  • Reading
  • Eating
  • The sky
  • Clouds
  • Landrover Defenders


  • Living in the moment 
  • Peoples life stories
  • Positive vibes
  • People who take responsibility for themselves 
  • Being around people who lift you up
  • Having the best training partner 


  • People who think the world owes them everything! 

Personal Fitness Goals

  • Body competition
  • Continuing to work on myself and be the best I can be
  • Bench press Sharaine


Enhanced DBS disclosure Emergency First Aid at Work Jan 2016 Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training accreditation number 600/494118 Jan 2016 - ( ongoing )Advanced Coaching Academy- (online ) Jan 2016 Giant Johal Hypertropy Camp. Foundry Gym Ripley Feb 2016 Nutrition Seminar Ultimate Performance Manchester March 2016 Arms: High Threshold/Hypertropy Caveman Training Fenton June 2016 Charles Poliquin 5 day Hypertropy Camp. Front Line Fitness Manchester July 2016 Mountain Dog Training 3 day Camp. Strength Asylum Stoke on Trent September 2016 Achieving Excellence in the Power Lifts Matt Wenning Charles Poliquin. Ed Coen Evolve Personal Health Institute. Amsterdam September 2016 Level 1 Biosignature. London October 2016 Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral (GP)